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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers one of the most accessible and straightforward residency programs through its investment program. With modern infrastructure, efficient transport networks, and advanced communication systems, the UAE is an ideal destination for individuals looking to obtain residency through investment. Its strategic geographical position provides global access, making it attractive for entrepreneurs and investors. The UAE’s welcoming business environment and thriving economy support international trade and commerce. Whether in finance, technology, tourism, or other industries, the UAE provides a supportive ecosystem
for growth and success. Start your journey to residency in the UAE and explore the endless possibilities in this dynamic country.

Ways to obtain UAE Residency by Investment

  • Purchase a property with a minimum value of 750,000 AED, and get the residency for 3 years. The property must be delivered and paid in full to qualify for this residency option (Important Note: Residency through the purchase of real estate – does not allow for work).
  • Or purchase a property with a minimum value of 2 million AED, which grants residency for 5 years. While the property can be under construction, it must be paid in full to be eligible for this residency option
  • Or – invest in the establishment of a company, the cost of each company option is different depending on its type.


Benefits of obtaining UAE Residency by Investment

  • Residency allows for visitation in all of GCC countries (except for Saudi Arabia).
  • Secure and protected surroundings.
  • Superior quality services and an excellent standard of living.
  • Favorable returns on real estate investments.


FAQs about UAE Residency by Investment Program

How often do I need to visit the UAE to maintain my residency status obtained through investment?

To maintain your UAE residency status acquired through investment, it is typically required to visit the UAE at least once every six months.


How long does it usually take to process and obtain residency through investment in the UAE?

On average, the entire process to obtain residency through investment in the UAE takes approximately one month. This includes the submission, review, and approval of your application.


Who is eligible to receive UAE residency under my investment application?

The UAE residency obtained through your investment application can extend to your entire family.

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