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In 2019, a new law was issued to grant Egypt citizenship by investment to foreigners. This law granted foreigners the right to apply for Egypt citizenship by investment in exchange for investing in Egypt and adding value to the Egyptian economy in terms of investment, with the aim of increasing foreign investments. It is one of the most modern citizenship programs in the world, as it provides investors with many options that range from donations to the state to real estate investment.

Ways to obtain Egypt citizenship by investment

  • Real Estate Investment: The investor can purchase one property or more, with a minimum investment of $300,000 USD.
  • Investment in Companies: An investor may choose to establish a new company in Egypt or invest in a previously established company in Egypt. This option requires an investment of $350,000 USD, as well as an
    additional non-refundable contribution (donation) to the government, for $100,000 USD. There is no minimum or maximum stake that the investor must hold in the company.
  • Donation: The investor is required to make a non-refundable contribution (donation) to the treasury of the Central Bank of Egypt, with a minimum investment of $250,000 USD.
  • Bank Deposit: If the investor wishes, they may also apply using the Central Bank of Egypt deposit investment program. This program requires the applicant to make a bank deposit for the amount of $500,000 USD, refundable after 3 years, in the local Egyptian currency, without interest.

Eligibility Requirements for Egypt citizenship by investment

  • The minimum age requirement for the Main applicant is 21 years. 
  • Undergo a comprehensive medical examination.
  • Dependent children must be below 21 years of age.
  • Personal documents of spouse and dependents.
  • No criminal record certificate.
  • Obtain an Egyptian passport (citizenship) for life. The main applicant and financially dependent children receive the passport first, and the spouse(s) after two years.

Benefits of obtaining Egypt citizenship by investment 

  • Ability to open a bank account.
  • Dual Citizenship: Individuals who gain Egyptian citizenship through naturalization can retain their original nationality, provided that their home country allows it.
  • The Egyptian passport qualifies you to apply for an E2 visa to the United States, opening doors for investment in America.
  • Egypt is also considered a safe destination for citizens, providing necessary protection for residents and citizens. The stability and security in Egypt create a secure environment for living, investing, and personal development.
  • Egypt offers great opportunities for business and investment in various economic sectors. There is a high demand for products and services in the Egyptian market, making Egypt an important opportunity to achieve success and benefit from economic growth and increasing demand within the country.
  • Enjoyment of stability and security in a country with a wonderful climate throughout the year.
  • An Arab country where it is easy to communicate in English when needed.
  • Ability to travel to more than 50 countries in the world without a visa or obtain a visa upon arrival.
  • There are no cultural or language proficiency requirements or testing in order to obtain Egyptian Citizenship By Investment.

Process and Steps to Obtain Egypt citizenship And Passport

Step 1: Obtain a case number from the Egyptian Citizenship by Investment Unit & submit the application for review.
Step 2: Obtaining the initial approval.
Step 3: Making the choice and completing the investment program they have chosen.
Step 4: The Prime Minister grants Final approval to the applicant.
Step 5: Obtaining a 6-month residence permit.
Step 6: Obtaining Egyptian citizenship.

FAQs about Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program

What is the estimated processing time to get the certificates of citizenship and passports?

On average the whole process should take from 6 to 9 months.

Is it possible to do the investment transfer from abroad?
All programs must be funded through a direct transfer of funds from abroad. There is also the option of using funds that are sourced from abroad, as long as the funds have passed through an official security customs checkpoint and were received by the client after they obtain their case file number from the government, for their application.

Can the applicant’s relatives or friends transfer the funds on their behalf from abroad?

Can the transfer be made on behalf of the applicant from any account? Or it must be made from his personal bank account?

Both are accepted.

What about the currency exchange rate?
The prevailing exchange rate will be the rate at the time of the holding period completion.

Is it possible to obtain the citizenship before completing the payment of the applicant’s chosen program?

No, the applicant will only obtain their citizenship once their investment is paid in full.

Does everyone in the family obtain the citizenship at the same time?

The main applicant and minor children below the age of 21 obtain the citizenship at the same time and the spouse after 2 years.

 If the investor obtains the citizenship, will they have to denounce their nationality of origin?

No, Egypt recognizes having a dual nationality.

Should the property be a completed project or is it acceptable to be under construction?
Both options are acceptable.

If the son(s) of the main applicant obtain the citizenship, will they have to enlist in the Egyptian military?
No military service for the sons.

Can the Egyptian nationality obtained through investment be inherited?
Yes, it can.



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