Our Beginnings

Established in 2009, Prime Properties has helped hundreds of investors and their families achieve their investment goals. Prime Properties started with the main purpose of providing complete real estate solutions to development companies and major real estate investors. We execute this process in house or through affiliate companies that include but are not limited to real estate; land & properties acquisitions, legal investigation, market studies, feasibility studies, real estate media monitoring, product development, marketing planning & execution, e-marketing, sales (local and international), auctioning, property appraisal, architect, project management, property management, franchising. Starting 2011, Prime properties entered the market for citizenship and residency by investment programs due to high demands in the local markets and the region.We are partner with the most reputable real estate companies, consultants, financial professionals, lawyers and government entities to give complete investment services to our clients. Our network enables us to provide exceptional investment opportunities based on each clients’ needs.During the past years, we’ve been working closely with our clients in Egypt and the Middle East in sourcing for them suitable investments that can offer the benefit of citizenship and residency mainly in Europe and Caribbean islands.

Our Activity

We stand apart from our competition because of our honesty and transparency throughout the entire process.We make the process of acquiring a citizenship or residency easy and hassle free. Our clients receive the best consultation and complete information about each program, empowering them to make an educated decision that best meet their needs.

Our Services

Prime Properties provide several services starting from sourcing opportunities for investors as well as developers. We provide our clients with a personalized real estate consultation.Moreover, Prime properties goes the extra mile to facilitate the processing in governmental entities , collecting required personal documents from different governmental entities ( if applicable). WE take responsibility for processing the documents and liaising with the governments to ensure highest success rates and seeking highest customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Prime Properties’ team and partners have extensive experience in the fields of immigration, citizenship, residency and investment programs. Our multilingual team helps us better reach our array of diverse clients to comfortably communicate and successfully reach their investment goals.

I am extremely happy to reach this moment, the moment of receiving my passport. I would like to thank Prime Properties for providing me with the opportunity to obtain what I call the magic carpet, which I consider important on a personal and professional level, and will grant me the freedom of movement that I will need.

- Laetitia C

Prime Properties is simply outstanding! With their expert assistance, my family and I achieved our investment goals and obtained our second citizenship. They have a proven track record of helping hundreds of investors worldwide. Highly recommended!

– Sara & Tom

I am delighted to share my experience with Prime Properties and the exceptional services they provided. With their expertise and guidance, my family and I were able to achieve our investment goals and obtain our second citizenship, opening up a world of opportunities.

— Adriana B

How we do business

Prime Properties simplifies complex procedures required to obtain residency / citizenship by utilizing our experience in the field and our network of legal and finance professionals, local authorities and governments.Our greatest strength lies in our network, with the professionals in the market as well as our accessibility to a database of 250,000 high net worth individuals.We are continuously up to date with the latest news, laws and emerging programs in the industry. We constantly participate in global events, forums, exhibitions and conferences to be active contributors to the industry and further expand our network. Prime Properties liaise between governments wishing to promote foreign direct investment and individuals wanting to secure their futures and that of their families.

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