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The Golden Visa program in Portugal stands as one of the most enticing initiatives for investors and business individuals seeking Portuguese residency. This program offers a gateway to not only obtaining residency but also reaping numerous benefits in the process. With its allure and advantages, the Golden Visa program has captured the attention of those looking to invest and establish a presence in Portugal. Whether it’s the allure of the
country’s rich history, picturesque landscapes, or thriving business opportunities, the Golden Visa program presents an attractive pathway for individuals to obtain Portuguese residency and unlock a world of possibilities.

Ways to obtain Portugal Residency by Investment

Capital Transfer:

  • 1.5 million EUR in a Portuguese bank account or specifically approved investment options.
  • 500,000 EUR allocated to support research endeavors conducted by public or private institutions within the national scientific and technological framework.
  • 500,000 EUR designated for investment funds or venture capital funds of corporations established in accordance with Portuguese legislation.
  • 250,000 EUR provided to assist artistic creation or the preservation and restoration of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Business Investment:

  • Establishment of a minimum of 10 additional job positions.
  • 500,000EUR allotted for the establishment or augmentation of the company’s equity capital, with the condition of creating or sustaining a minimum of five job positions for a duration of three years, within the jurisdiction of Portugal.

**The requirement is decreased by 20% if the funds are allocated to an area characterized by low population density, defined as having fewer than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or a GDP per capita below 75% of the national average.


Eligibility Requirements for Portugal Residency by Investment


  • To Obtain a Golden Visa (temporary residency) for Portugal conditional upon visitation to the country at least 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent years.
  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to fulfill the necessary investment requirements.

Benefits of obtaining Portugal Residency by Investment

  • Enjoy visa-free visitation to the countries of the Schengen Zone for a period of 90 days every 180 days.
  • Live and work in Portugal.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Safety and security.
  • Route to Portugal citizenship.

Process and Steps to Obtain Portugal Residency by Investment


Step 1: Contract with Prime Properties to consult and discuss your investment goals and select a suitable option for you.

Step 2: Complete the investment and legal procedures with Prime Properties’ assistance.

Step 3: Prime Properties handles and submit the application for review and supports you throughout.

Step 4: You receive your residency status, such as a residence permit, with guidance from Prime Properties.


FAQs about Portugal Residency by Investment Program

Is it possible for me to pursue Portuguese citizenship?

Yes, it is indeed possible for you to pursue Portuguese citizenship. One of the main requirements is to maintain residency in Portugal for a minimum period of five years. Once you fulfill this residency requirement, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

What are the requirements for obtaining Portuguese citizenship?

You are required to passing a Portuguese language test at the A2 level.



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