The Cypriot government has laid out new stricter criteria to be fulfilled before the granting of Cypriot citizenship, 

after suspending investment scheme in Nov 2020, according to Daily Politis.

The Amendments to the Citizenship law will be introduced into the law after the as new bill passed in the parliament

The new qualifications proposed are as follows.

  • Basic knowledge of Greek language (B1)
  • Good character
  • No criminal record
  • Stable financial resources to afford social security etc.
  • Knowledge of history and culture
  • 7 years of legal residency. Applicants must be legally residing in the republic for the last 12 months, and for 10 years prior to their application with a total time spent on the island of not less than seven years during that period.

The Civil registry and migration department accepts applications submitted by foreign nationals, who have completed seven years of legal residence in the Republic prior to the date of application. In cases of aliens who are either parents or children of Cypriot citizens the time required is five years rather than seven.

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